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Article Archives

Month/Year: June/2014 PEI construction and road & bridge building update 2014

Month/Year: June/2014 Accessible & inclusive services for youth and young adults

Month/Year: April/2014 On-line training available at no costs

Month/Year: March/2014 Training for 9-1-1 emergency call takers is now available

Month/Year: February/2014 What is apprenticeship? Help to prepare for apprenticeship and Red Seal exams

Month/Year: February/2014 Is apprenticeship worth the investment? Part 1

Month/Year: February/2014 Is apprenticeship worth the investment? Part 2

Month/Year: January/2014 College for aspiring yoga teachers is open in Charlottetown

Month/Year: January/2014 Association goes back to school

Month/Year: January/2014 On-line training available at no cost

Month/Year: November/2013 Leadership skills help students make better career choices

Month/Year: June/2013 If you want a company to grow, train the staff

Month/Year: May/2013 Jobs on PEI that require French – Part 2

Month/Year: April/2013 The ability to speak French is an advantage on the job on PEI – Part 1

Month/Year: April/2013 Do you need to rewrite some of the GED tests?

Month/Year: April/2013 Homeschooled students benefit from adult education program

Month/Year: January/2013 The ABCs of maintaining a business

Month/Year: July/2012 PEI job news you can use: www.employmentjourney.com

Month/Year: May/2012 Volunteering, studying & working in a new country

Month/Year: May/2012 Skill-building supports for the workplace

Month/Year: April/2012 Bilingual work on PEI

Month/Year: February/2012 A close look at jobs at Holland College

Month/Year: January/2012 New centre being built to help students prepare for successful careers

Month/Year: January/2012 Deciding on a post-secondary education

Month/Year: January/2012 Grade 12 student sees value in the 3Rs: Research, Research, Research/ Finding your career passion

Month/Year: October/2011 Another Farm Technician Apprenticeship program starts in 2012

Month/Year: May/2011 Learning opportunities in rural communities: Southern Kings

Month/Year: April/2011 A work setting that requires French speaking staff

Month/Year: April/2011 Employers recruit student & new grads at UPEI Career Fair

Month/Year: April/2011 Everyone is a winner at the provincial competitions

Month/Year: April/2011 Women in non-traditional trades and technology: raising awareness

Month/Year: March/2011 Where French is predominant in the workplace on PEI

Month/Year: March/2011 Adult education paves the road to a dream job

Month/Year: February/2011 Check out federal government student jobs and apply early

Month/Year: February/2011 Life skills coach training

Month/Year: January/2011 Students get a first-hand look at a parent’s career

Month/Year: January/2011 Post secondary days: What does it take to pick a career direction?

Month/Year: November/2010 Newly constructed high school prepares students for the labour force

Month/Year: October/2010 Agriculture educators update their knowledge

Month/Year: September/2010 Returning to school? Can you do it? Yes you can!

Month/Year: September/2010 Young mom returned to the classroom because of her son

Month/Year: September/2010 Focusing on the positives leads to success for adult learner

Month/Year: July/2010 PEI has highest percentage of adult learners earning their GED

Month/Year: June/2010 Career opportunities are plentiful in Diagnostic Imaging

Month/Year: June/2010 What’s next after university

Month/Year: June/2010 Abegweit First Nation Adult Education celebrates achievements

Month/Year: June/2010 Adult Education Souris program celebrates success

Month/Year: May/2010 PEI skilled trades team heading for nationals

Month/Year: May/2010 Students learn about the business world

Month/Year: May/2010 Returning to school checklist

Month/Year: May/2010 Why is education important?

Month/Year: April/2010 Teaching opportunities locally, regionally and abroad

Month/Year: April/2010 Language school hires people with diverse backgrounds

Month/Year: April/2010 Healthcare professionals promote jobs in demand

Month/Year: April/2010 A snapshot of jobs in construction

Month/Year: April/2010 Workplace learning catches on big at manufacturing company

Month/Year: April/2010 Recognizing the value of education

Month/Year: April/2010 An interest in plant science leads to a bioscience career choice

Month/Year: February/2010 Website of the month: Check out jobs in tourism

Month/Year: February/2010 Do you need to access high speed or get help with computer use?

Month/Year: February/2010 PEI trades competitions are in for a great year

Month/Year: February/2010 Trades stay in the family

Month/Year: February/2010 Options and supports for students with disabilities

Month/Year: February/2010 Software helps students succeed

Month/Year: January/2010 Cooperative Education is best choice for Kensington student

Month/Year: January/2010 Program helps students plan for the future

Month/Year: January/2010 On the road to economic recovery: Are we there yet?

Month/Year: January/2010 Encouraging the video game developers of tomorrow

Month/Year: January/2010 What are students looking for in the workplace?

Month/Year: November/2009 High school students attend Career Day in search of direction

Month/Year: October/2009 More language training for newcomers results in need for more staff

Month/Year: September/2009 Much can be gained from having sports in your life

Month/Year: September/2009 World Competition raises profile of trades and technology

Month/Year: August/2009 Cooperative Education with a summer flavour

Month/Year: May/2009 Preparing for life after high school

Month/Year: May/2009 Take a look at PEI jobs in video game development and related fields

Month/Year: May/2009 Shedding light on the changing workforce. Organizations help the labour force adapt to change.

Month/Year: April/2009 What is Apprenticeship?

Month/Year: April/2009 Where is the Canadian Skills Competition 2009 taking place? Right here on PEI!

Month/Year: March/2009 Assisting youth with their employment journey

Month/Year: March/2009 Montague Adult Education program celebrates a new location

Month/Year: March/2009 Multitasking becomes a way of life for adult learner

Month/Year: February/2009 Encouraging people to consider a career in the trades

Month/Year: February/2009 A journey that led to self employment in IT

Month/Year: February/2009 Everyone can have success in university

Month/Year: February/2009 Program lets high school students test drive a career

Month/Year: February/2009 They came to PEI for education

Month/Year: February/2009 Tired of seasonal work? How about getting your GED as a first step

Month/Year: February/2009 New beginnings start with returning to school

Month/Year: February/2009 Summer School Classes 2009

Month/Year: January/2009 High schools help students make career decisions

Month/Year: January/2009 Parents & teachers play an important role in students’ career decisions; High school student Noelle Smith

Month/Year: January/2009 Post Secondary Day was a hit

Month/Year: January/2009 Career Day showcases more that 90 careers to high school students

Month/Year: January/2009 Introducing students to employment options in trades and technology

Month/Year: January/2009 Take Our Kids To Work Day: an inside look at Aerospace

Month/Year: January/2009 Earning a Red Seal provides a sense of accomplishment and new career opportunities: Roger Kelly

Month/Year: January/2009 Game design competition leads to employment

Month/Year: January/2009 Expo highlights opportunities beyond high school for people with disabilities

Month/Year: January/2009 New business offers computer technology and training to people with disabilities: Catherine Llwyd

Month/Year: January/2009 Working towards a career change: the first step is earning a GED

Month/Year: January/2009 Adult education programs are an option for high school graduates

Month/Year: November/2008 Building career education in PEI schools: Career Education team moves the plan forward

Month/Year: November/2008 Study skills are a top concern when returning to school: Holland College Adult Education


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