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Month/Year: June/2014 PEI construction and road & bridge building update 2014

Month/Year: May/2014 Home renovation companies are hiring

Month/Year: June/2013 Interior design team combines years of experience with modern ideas

Month/Year: May/2013 Watch videos & see if a specific trade is for you: www.peircsc.ca

Month/Year: April/2013 Jobs with home renovation companies

Month/Year: March/2013 Plumbing company is a long-standing fixture in Charlottetown

Month/Year: February/2013 A growing business receives recognition

Month/Year: January/2013 Building a bigger store and hiring more staff

Month/Year: January/2013 Biz2Biz Expo continues

Month/Year: November/2012 Celebrating 80 years in business

Month/Year: June/2012 Summerside Showcase continued

Month/Year: June/2012 Summerside Showcase: Businesses are hiring

Month/Year: May/2012 Home renovation companies hiring staff

Month/Year: February/2012 His dream of owning a business started taking shape at a young age

Month/Year: February/2012 Organizing her way to self employment

Month/Year: January/2012 Expanding retail store opens in a growing PEI community

Month/Year: January/2012 Businesses talk about what they do and who they employ

Month/Year: November/2011 Business owner says the key to success is the staff

Month/Year: January/2011 Local companies at Biz2Biz Expo talk about their hiring needs

Month/Year: January/2011 Women are entering careers in trades & technology

Month/Year: November/2010 New career opportunity as a home inspector

Month/Year: June/2010 Millwork operation expands and is looking for more workers

Month/Year: June/2010 Home renovation companies are expanding and hiring

Month/Year: June/2010 Showcase offers opportunities to learn about employer needs

Month/Year: June/2010 Safe housing reaches out to community resources

Month/Year: January/2010 PEI companies describe coping strategies for a difficult economy

Month/Year: May/2009 Building a business in construction and home improvement


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